Anniversary ring is a great way to seal your love

Today I feel like saying a few words about anniversary rings. Anniversary ring is the best way to reinforce the promise you made when you got married. Diamond anniversary rings, also called eternity rings, are most suitable for emphasizing that you meant your vows until "death do us part". That's because that's how long you are both making your pledge to each other.

wedding anniversary ring

The symbolism of an anniversary diamond ring is part of the design. The reason for the diamonds going all the way around the ring is to symbolize a never ending circle of love. No beginning and no end.

One of the most in demand of these types of anniversary rings is the 3 stone diamond anniversary ring. Featuring one larger and two identical smaller diamonds, the 3 stone diamond anniversary ring is rich in meaning. The three stone diamond anniversary ring symbolizes the past, present and future all bound together.

anniversary rings

And should you both have one, or just her? Well certainly it is less common for the male to have an anniversary ring, but certainly not unheard of. However it would be prudent to consider the design of the rings. It would be better if the two rings were designed to be complementary. But not the same. His ring should be larger, wider, and more masculine.

popular anniversary rings

Talk to your jeweler about matching anniversary ring might be a very good idea. But whichever you finally choose, a diamond anniversary ring is the only gift to celebrate your anniversary.

A diamond ring looks especially fabulous with platinum or white gold. Diamonds are available in many shapes and sizes like emerald, oval, round etc. and can be fitted in a ring as per your choice. A diamond ring exudes unbeatable radiance and is the perfect way to sparkle your life