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In Yakutsk they do not want to return the diamonds to Russia

The third day in the capital of Yakutiya continues the spontaneous
meeting "Fradkov, bikhigini of atakhastama! Fradkov, do not lead us to the extreme!"- with such slogans left picket to the central area. In the national suits, with the flags and the transparencies, on foot and on the horses. They all require one - not to return diamonds to Moscow. The reason for agitations became the stormily discussed in the State Duma bill "about the depths". If it is accepted, that Russian monopolist in the region of putting out the diamonds - company "ALROSA" history of rings - from the closed joint-stock company will become that opened. In Yakutsk they fear, that as a result can occur the redistribution of actions in favor of federal center. And then, it is said, Moscow will completely manage diamonds obtained in Yakutiya. Today actions are distributed between the government of Russia and the government of Yakutiya approximately equally

Yakutsk now bathe in the diamonds?! Or wage by diamonds they obtain and pay by them in the supermarkets in the tundra?! In general these diamonds - property of the entire country, and the not separately undertaken Yakuts. You see, there would be no these stones, so Yakuts, until now, on the deer from one yourta to the next chased. Thus far indeed Yakutiya even in the composition of Russia. Or, it can be, this already claim for its "tundra" revolution?

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