Russian Diamonds

Russian diamonds will leave abroad
Aleksey Kudrina placed the task before the concern ALROSA of becomingmost important world company for the volume of means, the obtained from sale diamonds. For this government to preparedly abolish quotas to the import ofdiamonds. The money of gosmonomolii required for the buying up of mining, petroleum and gas active memberships.The minister of finances of Russia and on the pluralism the chairmanof observant advice to company ALROSA Aleksey Kudrina stated, that the diamond-mining concern must become world leader not only onthe output of diamonds, but also according to the financial indices. "observant council posed the problem of being first company not onlyon the output of diamonds, but also by the volume of means, obtained from their sale ", - said minister into the medium. Clean profit THE PRIVATELY HELD COMPANY AK ALROSA on MSFO in 2004 was12,118 billion rubles, what in almost is two times more than the index of 2003 - 6,357 billion rubles. "in 2005, as it is expected, company will overlap this result ", - it stated Kudrina. Government will help achieving this goal. By the way, Russia does not produce clarity enhanced diamonds. "Russia during half a year will let out edict about the cancellationof export quotas to the diamonds", - it described about the plans of Kudrina's government

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